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Archive, curation and publishing

Famous personalities, journalism, media houses, newspaper, digital asset management, media asset management.

Do you have lots of files, audio, video or images to archive, catalog, search, etc? Do you want to manage the archive inhouse? Do you also wish to publish part of your content online on your website or app, or share privately?

Digital Archive cum database


Elasticgraph platform was originally developed while working for a digital archive of > 400 TB content belonging to a world-renown spiritual master - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The admin uses our software to scan the hard drives whenever they add or remove content from an HD. The software extracts metadata and content from files and indexes it in Elasticgraph for organization and search. The data admin further adds tags to the files, like processing status (raw/edit), event (Fire Puja in Ladakh), editor (Santosh Kumar), CameraPerson (Ayush Ghai), classification (teaching), language (Tibetan), etc. The whole archive is browsable and searchable like that, within the admin interface. Selected content can be published on public website or apps. Whenever there is a demand for videos with genre(teaching), language (Tibetan) they can quickly search for those, find the hard drive where they are stored and extract them for processing.


The storage media that is scanned can also include cloud drives, NAS, DMS, etc. on a need basis. This functionality can be used over all kinds of files in which content is stored. Not just text files, audio, video, images, but even webpages can be added to content archives. The platform can be customized to mark the backup locations for every folder or file too.

Digital and Media Asset Management

With this kind of versatitlity, this platform can be used as a backend for building a digital asset management solution targetting marketing or publishing industry, or just for in-house use. It can serve as a backend for publishing content online after curation in house.