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Backend for apps and services

Any mobile application, website, platform or service.

Any and every app, organisation or business has data at the heart of everything, possibly along with its content and digital assets. Further, most app don't only require an API but also an admin user interface for backend administration. Elasticgraph provides both - API and User Interface, and that too - multilingual, so that you can serve audience knowing different languages. Along with being a datastore, EG provies a full text graph search, advanced search and graph analytics over any kind of data, to enable very fast computations and search over large datasets.

Database, content and asset management

Elasticgraph is world's first multilingual database, content and asset management platform. It can be used to provide this feature to any kind of app or solution, for any industry. As a database, it is a relationship aware NoSQL datastore, in conjunction with Elasticsearch. This means you can link and unlink entities and do multi level deep joins while retrieving data, within a single query. Elasticgraph provides some very useful additional features on top of Elasticsearch's very useful featureset.

Often search results or entity views require joins across multiple relationships. SQL joins are not easy to write, especially at multi level depth and not as good in performance as NoSQL stores. In Nosql land, joins have to be written by developers in application layer and is error prone, time taking, dirties the code, introduces performance issues at scale etc. - basically a headache. Elasticgraph does most of common basic application layer work for every developer. It allows joins under different contexts (like search time, browsing time), to be specified in easy ways - either as JSON object within query or as JSON files stored in configuration/setup. EG does all the joins internally in performance optimised way and returns results with all the information requested.

Full Text graph search and analytics in your apps

Imagine your app needs a search like "People whose parents like Pink Floyd, and you also want the count wise breakup of their country of residence, industry and occupation". Such a query which requires both graph search and graph analytics, can be done in Elasticgraph within A SINGLE HIT, and will give industrywide fastest response (our open challenge - thanks to our tech innovations and underlying datastore of Elasticsearch).

Automatic data dependency calculation

There are more benefits for the developer - she does not need to code certain kind of abstractions where data of one entity's field is dependent on data of a related entity's field. For ex. person.parentInLaws = person.spouse.parents. This declaration if entered in the setup of Elasticgraph configuration, handles the parentInLaws relationship whenever a person is married or (may this never happen) gets divorced. These kind of declarations of dependency in data values across relationships saves developer lot of development effort, and backend data admin lot of manual administratin effort.

User Interface for backend administration

Many apps requrie a backend data admin. For ex, in early days of Metataste we used to enter keywords of every movie manually. Or, in insurance companies the backend team has to approve insurance scheme or a refund to every request. Now developers don't have to build a separate user interface for admin work. Admin can use customised Elasticgraph dashboard to do the same job, without developers having to build an admin user interface.

Easy do develop, use and scalable for BIG data

Elasticgraph has many features useful for any application and backend data admin team, to speed up development and data administration process. Further it gives great performance at huge scale, with big data (up to millions or even billion documents, thanks to Elasticsearch), and can serve lot of concurrent requests (thanks to internal optimisations done by EG).

Cost effective

With us, you do not need to worry about scale and costs of hardware, while getting world class performance and some industry wide unique capabilities. We work on SSD stores available cost effectively with reliable rackspace vendors like Our software and setup is optimised for peak performance.