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Document management

Document management
Hospitals, doctors, diagnosis, insurance, newspaper, research journal, bank, surveyors, police, courts, departments of government, organizations, and companies. Every organization, irrespective of a domain has digital documents and even paper documents, to take care for in some way or the other and provision it for multiple use cases.

Imagine you are an organization which has lots of paper documents from old times and digital documents from later times. The kinds of documents can be any - invoices, agreements, notes, research papers, reports, prescriptions, essays, answer sheets, customer information, filled forms, letters, legacy records of any kind ... You have probably OCRed the paper documents to create their digital counterparts (Or you want to do that.). Our software can scan all your files from all the locations they are stored at and index them in a database- either automatically or on initiation by you. You will further add more metadata (tags, customer, project, type...) to all your documents, either manually, or by an automated rule-based process. Now with all your documents cataloged in the database, you can search and retrieve the documents based on their text content or metadata (tags/type/customer/project...).


Imagine the case of a hospital where such an archive, with a database, could be used. Every hospital has records of patients and doctors, old prescriptions, patient history. Further, it also needs records for ailments, their symptoms, and cures, old patient reports, etc. All of this can be done via Elasticgraph with client-specific customizations. Imagine a patient comes with a dental issue. The receptionist finds which doctor is on duty and sends the patient to that doctor. The doctor can check the previous dental (or any other) record of that patient with prescriptions and reports - both digital or scanned. He can further check current symptoms and see which diseases they may be pointing too (in case he is no sure), and which medicines and precautions will help. He can punch in latest prescription on the software, get a printout and give it hand-signed or with a barcode, to the patient. Further, a rule-based engine implemented using Elasticgraph can help diagnose diseases through symptoms.

Insurance companies

An insurance company has paper documents, scans (of paper documents) and a digital database of its customers covering all their relevant information and history. Whenever a document about a customer has to be pulled, the agent can search by name and other details of the customer and retrieve the download links of all their documents stored on the company's cloud drive. He can further drill down within the possibly hundreds of documents of the customer with some text like "bike accident" or "claim", or browse by category of documents, to get to the exact documents he needs right now. Further, he can also manage the data about customer information as well - ex. changing the address, adding spouse or children, assigning a new policy, closing an old policy, etc.