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For Life Education and Technical skills

Next batch starts from
October 15th, 2019 onwards. Admissions open till all slots filled.
Minimum 1. Maximum 6. Admissions to be finalized on a mutual evaluation basis.

About the program

As part of our social contribution, the community @ Mindgrep and its friends, trains and incubates young minds at our center in rural Dharamsala, H.P., India, in the lap of the serene Himalayas, forests, streams, and wild nature. where they come for Life Education as per Lifemaker program and Mindgrep trains them in technical, design & entrepreneurial skills. Being in the mountains, it is a great environment suitable for building the concentration of the mind, learning and unlearning. This helps the individual in all aspects of life and living while focussing on their job. Our community upholds a thinking and meditative environment for developing the right understanding, feeling and values as humans on Earth so that we can live the way we ought to live as "humans". Read more about Lifemaker, our vision, timeline & team

You work on real problems and real projects

The best way to learn is practical learning. We introduce theory on need basis and rest is practical for you to learn hands-on - whether about technology or your self-improvement. You will have opportunity to solve diverse problems using technology - you can spot problems relating to life when living in our village, or maybe you already have a problem to solve in mind, or you can join someone else who is tackling a problem. And when it comes to tackling your mind, we make you simply observe it meditatively, and develop right understanding to help you attain mastery over it. You will also get to apply practical tools for setting life goals, planning, and fulfillment of goals, small to large, short term to long term. You will pick up your challenges and the rest of the community will facilitate you in the process, as you will facilitate the rest of us.

Tech goals

Developing principals and knowhow with experience in different aspects of technology from backend, frontend, DevOps. Develop a strong foundation in design, development, DevOps. Javascript, Nodejs, Reactjs, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker will be foundation tools for you to pick from. You can pick up any other tools. Learn how to "think" programming and design, independent of tools and languages.

Professional goals

Attaining self-sustainability and prosperity from preferred work of interest, within one year. Exposure to entrepreneurship, tech design, and development. Getting hired for remote working as freelancers. Develop and launch your product in the market, and get set on the path for running a self-sustainable business. Professional freedom, without boundation to city, corporate life, loans and a never-ending rush of 20% hike every year.

Life goals (Foundation)

Self-realization, Self-development. Developing the Right Understanding and Right feeling within. Achieving feelings of happiness (within the self, with family, relationships, existence) and prosperity (identification and fulfillment of physical facility for abundant living and sharing). Achieving a healthy lifestyle, body, and mind. Finding clarity, peace, stability, resolution, and bliss within. Becoming "human". Making true friends for life with whom to grow together with cooperation and collaboration. Acquiring useful life and living skills. Participating in larger humane order on Earth. Realize and fulfill your most basic aspiration as a human. Content:- Tools, techniques and practices for concentration, mastery over mind, contemplation, meditation (not as you know it already but as a way of life), yoga, inner physical and mental exploration, physical/emotional healing, NLP, communication, public speaking, devotion, dance, music, so on and so forth...

Living goals

To pick up other important and useful skills for living. For ex. Gardening, cooking, cleaning, health, Yoga and natural healing, disease preemption, eating right, breathing right, electricity work, carpentry...

Artistic goals

Music, painting, dance, presentations, video and film making, woodwork... Plus making your work, your home, your life as an expression of your art. We are in touch with a thriving community of artists to facilitate you learn what you want to learn and develop for our common space, our home.

Social goals

You have a variety of choices here, though at the very hear the social goal is about developing empathy, communication skills and a feeling of being related and in love with every other human, especially those living around you right here, right now! Developing bonding with every human, and making new and true friends for life. Living together as a human family with love. Helping the rest of your family (OYC peers, children from Life education program, village families, human society) in any way you can. Helping with Lifemaker program for self-sustainability in the village - spreading awareness through talks, workshops, and videos. Helping with our local production and marketing, teaching children in the evening, etc.


Collaborating with others from India and the world who are sharing universal human knowledge and solutions for the betterment of humanity and Earth. Helping spread our message to the world. Working with the government in inculcating the universal vision of life as humans, which you will learn here, for India and Himachal Pradesh. We are in process for drafting a proposal for various governments and institutions for a vision for India and world, with other collaborates - local, national as well as global.

Environmental goals

Avoiding the use of plastic, cleaning plastic from the neighborhood, spreading awareness, recycling, planting trees, right utilization of resources like water, electricity, etc. Reaching out to and collaborating with individuals, organizations, and governments to improve natural habitat and grow forests.

Realise and fulfill your most basic aspiration as a human

Before you read the next line, perhaps ask yourself - "What is my most basic aspiration in life?" The most basic human pursuit is to feel happy and prosperous in continuity, within Self and in relationships with family-friends, society, and existence. This program and its content are aimed to help you strengthen your positioning on this front, and thereby share the same with the world.

Mode of learning

Self-inspired, guided, experiential learning about Life, World, IT, Entrepreneurship, anything of your interest - student peers, visitors from across the world, local Dharamsala community, internet, nature and sustainable living - under guidance from Acharyas (Teachers) and Satsangha with the community. And of course, the internet is also a Guru today, for a yearning student. There is also a thriving local tech community with a couple of other tech schools in the area. We are friends and there will be a chance for residency exchange with those communities too.

Monthly sustenance cost for the program

Rs. 8000 per student per month will cover all your costs of living and education here. This includes simple accommodation with simple food (two meals a day, chais, stay and internet connection.) Kitchen is all yours, to also get some special stuff you want and cook. The community is expected to do gardening, cook and clean together, in a disciplined way. Students from families with monthly income less than Rs. 15000 can contribute Rs. 2000. They can give back the remaining amount to the community and Lifemaker program, once they start to earn.

Head student-teacher (Pradhan ShishyaAcharya)

Ayush, co-founder of Mindgrep and Lifemaker. A graduate in computer science and engineering from IIT Kanpur, an engineer, and entrepreneur by profession, Ayush left the rushed infinite chase of capitalism, corporate and career, and moved closer to nature in the Himalayas following a personal calling of Self-discovery and being One with nature. He has over last few years picked up interests and knowhow in many other domains like meditation, philosophy, science, music, psychology, NLP, economy, sustainability, environment, community living, Yoga, Chi gung, etc. He managed Infinity Hackbase and Ghoomakad community for four years prior to moving to a more silent village where he now teaches children in the evening about Life, Universe, human values and other things useful. He is also co-founder of Hillhacks - an annual Himalayan gathering of technologists, artists, and activists from across the Earth. He stays a student and likes to read, sing, be in meaningful engagement with people. He is helping people of village Saalig to be self-sustainable and happy together and with the environment, through life education and local circular economics program. He is also the prime artist and architect of the Elasticgraph platform, developed with help from his apprentice Pankaj. He also hosts a podcast in Hindi on http://www.hillhacks.

Other Acharyas

Our ex-students and community members listed below are available for mentoring and troubleshooting, primarily in the tech and entrepreneurial domains.

About your residency at ShishyaGuruKul

Our space of learning is called ShishyaGuruKul. You will stay in a traditional mud house which remains cool in summer and warm in winter. Rooms will be on sharing basis. A shared toilet and bath. Space is in between farms. Same space is used to Life Education program for Children in evening, events, workshops and our festive gathering once in a few days.

Daily routine

Morning: Wake up early. Clean. Cook. Hatha Yoga/exercise, walk, different meditations.
Late morning till 5 PM: Make. Learn. Help. Discuss. Contemplate. Meditate.
Evening: Helping with children's life education program. Any other social contribution. Play. Dance. Exercise. Walk. Meditation. Bhajan & music.
The routine will not be extremely rigid, but consistency is to be expected. Smoking and drinking in GuruShishyaKul are not permitted for retaining the sanctity of the space as a space of learning and healthy living.

We will live together as a community in Satsangha

Satsangha (Sat + Sangha = Truth + Company). In expression, a company of truth means a company of love and growth. It is a company where one feels assured of finding acceptance, respect, affection, care, guidance, reverence, appreciation, gratitude, kindness, compassion and support from the rest. This means every participant is equally, affectionately responsible for everything and everyone. Together we uphold the program and run it with love, care, and responsibility.

You are enrolling in Satsangha for lifetime

As life learnings and friendships never end, our association will only start with the first year together. We will continue to cooperate and collaborate symbiotically for the rest of our lifetimes as a tightly knit community taking care of its members with their families and also the world, for making it a better place. You can see how our ex-students continue to be present members of the community and how we are collaborating together in life for common goals and growth.

Find it interesting?

Drop-in your questions and queries to or apply for the program where there is space for questions and queries in the form.

Some of our community members

Pankaj Thakur



Pankaj came from a farmer family in Himachal, as a 15 year old and stayed with Mindgrep for 3 years as a sponsored resident. He contributed to development of Elasticgraph with Dalai Lama Trust as a client. Today he is a full stack development professional. Coming from a remote village in India, at our hackbase he met and interacted over 300 visitors from across the world during his 3 years of stay. He also got to learn english, developed a habit of reading, and picked up riding unicycles which is now his pastime sport and means of travel.

Avneesh Raghav



Avneesh came from a small backward town in North India called Rampur. A fresh graduate from his college, he landed up with an intership with us. From his first project onwards he was put on to practical hands on taks, and he demostrated great ability to stick to a job with concentration and deliver. He is a simple person who finds peace with his family or at work. Today he is CTO of his startup Mithya. Mindgrep and Mithya collaborate as and when need be.

Akash Yadav



Akash was introduced by Avneesh in 2012. A fresh graduate from his college he came as an unconfident young fellow who grew over time to be a quick to deliver programmer and a confident young man. He got exposure of people from all across the world during the time we ran Ghoomakad community space which got travellers from all across. This helped him improve his engish and as well as inter-person skills, along with programming.

Ashutosh Tripathi



Ashutosh came to us during CodeCamp 2016 to learn javascript programming for 45 days. He stuck with us for one year after that and picked up backend development. He was one of our primary cooks and a great community person. And also loved to do Hoolahoops for hours with Mayank, our other incubatee. He was most regular for Yoga with Ayush regularly everyday @ 6 am in morning by the river.

Vaibhav Mule



Ayush met Vaibhav at Jaaga farm in Bangalore in 2014. Then Vaibhav came to Infinity Hackbase for a long term residency to learn programming and focus on his Self. He helped us write first few lines of Elasticgraph platform and his code is still present in the repo. Later he did bunch of freelancing gigs, creative experimental apps and is now concentrating on building a useful product using technology. Vaibhav is also a unicyclist.

Mayank Tiwari



Mayank came to us during Codecamp, albeit uninvited, but was taken in because of request by Ashutosh Tripathi, his college mate. Mayank also ended up staying with us for almost two years. Staying at Infinity hackbase, Mayank learned a lot about life, perhaps more than devops. But he soon landed with a job of devops at our affiliate firm Gai Technologies. Mayank was our main cook and used to help everyone with anything they needed. :D

Code Camp'16 - 42 students



In partnership with Jaaga Studies from Bangalore, we conducted an intense 45 day camp to facilitate learning programming whether Android native or Javascript full stack. 42 students from across the world came and camped, during which we not only learned programming but also did Yoga, bhajan, river baths, treks and lot of fun. They are now mostly placed in technology field all around India and the world. You can read more about it [here] Plus, googleling a little bit about Ghoomakad, Infinity, codecamp will give you an idea about the event and also our hackbase called [Infinity], at that time