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EG platform comes with an API and Admin dashboard for administration and browsing of data and digital assets. The file/content scanning and indexing part of the solution are supplied on a license basis. The Elasticsearch clusters can be hosted on our servers, or yours. This service scales well with query complexity, query load, and data size while being speedy and cost-effective as compared to typical setups using plain Elasticsearch, hosted on AWS/GCE and other such places.


We help with setting up, troubleshooting and scaling Elasticsearch clusters. We can host ES on our infrastructure. We can host it on our clients' infrastructure and provide maintenance for the same. Our platform Elasticgraph uses Elasticsearch as its backend. Elasticsearch is the world's leading solution for full-text search and analytics, while also being a data store. It is built to scale horizontally.


We provide advice and consulting for making solutions from scratch, for diverse domains and needs. This includes ideation, architecture, hiring and guiding the development team for the client, or doing the development and operations ourselves. When the engagement beings, we start from top level and zoom into details of the problem, with inputs from our clients. From there we lay down all the pieces of the puzzle to be solved. This is the first step before any development work begins. After the ideation phase, we work out the infrastructure of the solution along with an effort and time estimate, given the budget, other constraints, and complexity of the solution. Shall the client wish to develop the solution inhouse, we help them hire their own team and guide the development process. If the client so wishes, we also develop and deliver the full or part of solutions for them.


We develop backends - hosted databases, servers with APIs, other such stuff that works behind the curtains of any app, website or solution. We develop backends - hosted databases, servers with APIs, other such stuff that works behind the curtains of any app, website or solution. While we are technology agnostic, our preferred stack is Javascript, Nodejs, Elasticsearch, Elasticgraph. Our scalable setup comes with Kubernetes and Docker, allowing us to manage, scale and move your or our data stores with ease. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, our founder Ayush, with one of his students Pankaj, has developed ElasticGraph - a backend platform extending Elasticsearch, for building powerful applications while saving time and money and giving fast and reliable performance. EG works with other backends and frontends and comes with tonnes of benefits. We can develop your backend independently of EG or with EG, as need be. Our preferred development stack is Nodejs, Elasticgraph, Elasticsearch. At the same time we also work with other technology and languages as need be.



When it comes to full product development from backend to frontend, our community of ex-students, freelancers and affiliate companies come together to deliver and maintain world-class solutions on time. For UI/UX development we prefer ReactJS but also have knowledge of Angular.