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Use cases

Use cases and industries

  • archive

    Archive, curation and publishing

    Famous personalities, journalism, media houses, newspaper, digital asset management, media asset management.

    Do you have lots of files, audio, video or images to archive, catalog, search, etc? Do you want to manage the archive inhouse? Do you also wish to publish part of your content online on your website or app, or share privately?

    Digital Archive cum database


  • libeary

    Library management

    Any public or private library; research paper collection; online app for buying, renting, reviewing books or ebooks. And not just books, but even movies, documentaries, tv shows, etc.

    Imagine a library with physical books, scanned copies, OCR copies (as pdfs generated from scans) and digital books in pdf or epub formats. If there is a demand for all OCR, pdf or epub files containing the text "Kal Chakra" he can search and retrieve such files from the hard drive or cloud location where they are stored. If there is a demand for availability of a paperbound book, the user can search the book by author, name, tags, description, etc. and see if it is available, and which shelf it is put in.

  • Document management

    Document management

    Hospitals, doctors, diagnosis, insurance, newspaper, research journal, bank, surveyors, police, courts, departments of government, organizations, and companies. Every organization, irrespective of a domain has digital documents and even paper documents, to take care for in some way or the other and provision it for multiple use cases.

    Imagine you are an organization which has lots of paper documents from old times and digital documents from later times. The kinds of documents can be any - invoices, agreements, notes, research papers, reports, prescriptions, essays, answer sheets, customer information, filled forms, letters, legacy records of any kind ... You have probably OCRed the paper documents to create their digital counterparts (Or you want to do that.). Our software can scan all your files from all the locations they are stored at and index them in a database- either automatically or on initiation by you.

  • backend

    Backend for apps and services

    Any mobile application, website, platform or service.

    Any and every app, organisation or business has data at the heart of everything, possibly along with its content and digital assets. Further, most app don't only require an API but also an admin user interface for backend administration. Elasticgraph provides both - API and User Interface, and that too - multilingual, so that you can serve audience knowing different languages. Along with being a datastore, EG provies a full text graph search, advanced search and graph analytics over any kind of data, to enable very fast computations and search over large datasets.

  • ai

    Personalised discovery

    Personalized search and discovery for books, movies, tv shows, content, news, e-commerce, etc. Can also be used for targetted advertisement.

    Recommendation engines

  • alt

    Full text graph search

    Full-text search engine, graph search engine, semantic search engine, domain-specific search engine, metasearch engine. Search plugins for websites running on Drupal or Wordpress like CMSes. App search. Semantic knowledge graph. Data lakes.

    With Elasticsearch as the backend, EG can provide full text "graph" and "multilingual" search.

    Feature: Takes ONE HIT for complex search queries with joins

  • analytics

    Graph Analytics & Machine Learning for AI

    AI engines. Content intelligence. Marketing intelligence. Surveys. Research. Finding trends and insights of any data or domain. Any place where you need analytics at a big scale, and deep complexity, with great performance and low cost.

    Crawl and index any kind of content in a relationship-based approach. Do very fast, in-depth graph analysis of the same. For ex. give me city-wise breakup of all relatives of my friends. This query will typically take multiple (minimum -> 1 for friends + 1 for relatives + numUniqueCities for city names) queries in any datastore and will be complex for a developer to write and test. It will naturally be heavy on the network, CPU, and RAM of the system. Using EG this can be executed in a single hit, thanks to index time joins.

    Content Intelligence