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  • ayush

    We do I.T. well

    The heart of any organization's I.T. operations, products or services is Information, whether in the form of data, text, files, audio, video or images, and their storage, management, transformation, processing, search, analysis, publishing or selling. This is where our expert services and thoughtfully designed, innovative technology platform Elasticgraph can be of great use for your cause! We help teams turn their dream from idea to reality.

  • pankaj

    We provide platform, development and hosting as services

    Our versatile solutions stack provides some absolutely unique and powerful functionality with unmatched performance. It is useful for both technical and manual workflows, solving complex problems in simple ways, across diverse domains. Our technology can be integrated with any third party services and components through APIs. We specialize in developing backends, as well as frontends. We also provide Elasticsearch hosting & support.

  • lifemaker

    Our mission: make our world a better place

    We strive for mutual and global wellbeing & sustainability instead of looking at our customers as to a source of profit. We are affiliated with Lifemaker - a vision to develop a truly happy and prosperous universal social order on Earth, from the grassroots. Most of our tech skilled members live a simple and satisfying life in Himalayan villages and like to work towards meaningful goals. We also provide one year [incubation program] for youth and Life education for children in our Himachal Pradesh center.


The backbone that modern solutions deserve

Elasticgraph (EG) is meant to empower the core of your tech solution - with respect to your database, content or asset related needs. It is the world's first NoSQL solution to provide multilingual and relationship aware full-text graph search, file search, graph analytics, graph machine learning, along with capabilities for storage, management, semantic tagging, join based retrieval, file metadata and content extraction, backend administration and publishing of your data, content and digital assets across multiple apps and services. It leverages horizontally scalable full-text search and analytics engine - Elasticsearch, at its heart.


An online service for personalized search and discovery of movies based on mood & taste. It also provides social networking, lists, news features. The algorithm tracks a user's taste on a genome of approximately 1000 keywords, covering genre, subgenre, plot, feeling of a movie. As a user likes or dislikes a movie, her taste profile gets updated. New recommendations are generated based on their updated taste profile.




EG platform comes with an API for developing your apps & websites, and a dashboard for backend administration of your data and digital assets by your team. Digital asset management is optional and shall you need it, we will setup file scanning on your Hard drives and cloud locations. The Elasticsearch data clusters can be hosted on servers owned by you so that you retain control over your data.



We help with setting up, troubleshooting and scaling Elasticsearch clusters. We can host and manage ES on our infrastructure or yours. We use Kubernetes to manage, scale and move ES clusters.



We develop backends - hosted databases, servers with APIs, other such stuff that works behind the curtains of any app, website or solution. While we are technology agnostic, our preferred stack is Javascript, Nodejs, Elasticsearch, Elasticgraph. Our scalable setup comes with Kubernetes and Docker, allowing us to manage, scale and move your or our data stores with ease.

CONSULTING from ideation to architecture to delivery

CONSULTING from ideation to architecture to delivery

We provide top-level ideation, technical and design consulting for making solutions for diverse domains and needs. Also, we work with our affiliates to not only advice but also deliver the same solutions.

Full product development with UI/UX

Full product development with UI/UX

When it comes to full product development from backend to frontend, our community of ex-students, freelancers and affiliate companies come together to deliver and maintain world-class solutions on time. For UI/UX development we prefer ReactJS but also have knowledge of Angular.

Some of our previous work

Metataste - A movie recommendation engine

Metataste, our flagship product is a movie search and recommendation engine that has a genome of 1000 keywords crawled from internet, that runs on a database of 60000 plus global movies, to give you recommendations based on your mood and taste. Its accuracy is LOVED by its users because it works by finding out your taste over those 1000 attributes covering genre, subgenre, plot, style, emotions of the movies you have so far liked. Metataste is a demonstration of the capability of how fast and accurate recommendations can be given using content filtering techniques over Elasticsearch.

A database cum archive management solution

One of our clients, the 14th Dalai Lama a world-renown spiritual leader, had around 300 terabytes of content that they needed to catalog and manage systematically as a team. All the content was centered around events and sessions within events. With over two years of effort with their team, we delivered a solution that managed all of their complex needs generically and flexibly so that it could be used for any other departments by the client's office, not just the content archive. This led to the creation of Elasticgraph, our offering as a backend platform today for helping other potential customers.

Epictions - Content intelligence

Our engineering team helped develop the core part of the solution which crawled all major social media networks and news during real-time, to draw insights across various domains, authors, influencers, broadcasters, sharers, keywords, etc. We managed almost half a billion documents over some 200 servers of Elasticsearch in a single cluster that could be scaled up and down on the fly, to do deep post-processing, search, and analytics over the collected data.

Headhonchos - A job crawling engine

An ABC Consultants Pvt Ltd venture

For one of our clients, we built a crawler which fetched job listings from over 600 company websites on a daily basis and posted that in their DB in a structured format. Further, there was an admin panel to review the listings.

instaenroll - A skills training and booking platform

We built a skills training platform where educators could upload their training and trainees could search, discover and book the training of their interest.

MTAG - A song sharing application

Long before the time of Shareit, we built an android application that allowed people to share their music collection with each other when they meet.

Some of our clients